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How to Budget for Inconsistent or Irregular Income

You need to budget even when you have irregular income…here’s why

I lived off of irregular income for most of my career.

Some months I would make a large sum, others I would make a few hundred

Having irregular or inconsistent income can be difficult, but having a budget should be a requirement, especially when you don’t know how much money you’ll be making from one month to the next.

It’s important to budget no matter what is coming in, so when money DOES come in, you can make it last for several months.

Understandably, a lot of people right now are trying to deal with inconsistent income, or very little money coming in.

What can make it less stressful, is by being intentional with the money you do have and making it work for you.

By knowing your overhead: what you need to survive (your rent/mortgage, insurances, utilities and basic food costs a month) you can really narrow in on your bare minimum, and make sure you do not overspend.

I highly recommend having an emergency fund of 3-6 months of expenses, for times like this, and especially if you have irregular income.

You never know. And this pandemic right now is surely teaching us that.

If you were already just getting by, this situation has likely made your life even more stressful and scary, because we need money to live.

Please do whatever you can to get side work, even if it’s not something you enjoy, because it’s temporary until the job market and the world opens up again.

You have to pay your bills and figure out a way.

Have hope and have faith.

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Let me know if you have any questions.

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