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Why You Need A Money Mantra | Get In the Flow of Money

Do you have a money mantra? Here’s why you need one. ?

You need a money mantra you can say to yourself over and over when you’re feeling stressed about money.  

Mine is “Money flows to me endlessly and effortlessly”.

I say this to myself daily, when I’m out on a walk, when I’m feeling anxious or when I feel myself coming from a place of lack: “Money flows to me endlessly and effortlessly”. 

I also write it down over and over if I’m really feeling low, and say it out loud to the sky for the universe to hear.  Having a mantra you can tap into when you’re thinking negative thoughts or not feeling in alignment with money will instantly change how you feel.  

Some other money mantras are: “I’m a money magnet.” “Money is my bff.” “I love money and money loves me.” “I am always in the flow of money.” “Money is attracted to me and comes to me easily.”  

What do you want yours to be? Share below!

You can also steal mine if you want. Just make sure you put it to good use daily.  

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