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Before You Spend Your Tax Refund, Here’s What You Need To Know

I’ve been getting questions about what to do with a tax refund, so I wanted to give my insight before you spend it all ?. Remember, a tax refund is money you’ve already worked for…it’s not free money, so make sure you’re being intentional about what you choose to do with it.

If you’re getting over $1000 back, I highly recommend adjusting your take home, because that’s an extra $80 a month, that should be coming into your pocket, and not the government’s hands.

Work with your HR or accounting department, to make the right adjustments.

If you’ve generally OWED taxes, make sure you are getting enough taken out, so you don’t end up having to pay.

Here’s what to do with your tax refund:

1️⃣ Pay off Debt. If you have a lot of debt or lingering unpaid bills, I would throw a chunk of it at your debt ASAP. Debt holds you back, so being able to pay off a big piece of it will feel rewarding.

2️⃣ Start an Emergency Fund. If you have no buffer between you and life, now’s the time to make one. Open a savings account, outside of your normal bank, and put aside at least $1000 in case of emergencies only.

Having even the smallest buffer, will put you more at ease and less stressed.

3️⃣ Treat Yo’ Self. Yes, even I think you should enjoy some of it. Take 10% of the money and do something for yourself, like get your nails done, buy a new outfit, or spend it on a night out.

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