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5 Tips For Landing A New Job & Making More Money

I’m just gonna say it: You deserve to make more money. I’ve been having this conversation lately with many women about changing jobs, what to charge for services or asking for a raise. The money topic is obviously a sensitive one, especially when it comes to negotiating, but there has never been a better time in the history of the world for you to make a crazy, great income. 

The thing I know is, playing small and NOT speaking up for how much your time is worth when it comes to your career, is a huge mistake. I know, because I played small for YEARS. I was “afraid” to ask for more, to counter offer, to up my rate, to aim higher – partly because of rejection, but mostly because I didn’t think I was worthy of making more. And looking back, that way of thinking probably cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars. Ugh. It’s frustrating, but the good news is I did not stay there. 

I finally hit hit 6-figure mark at 36 and I was PUMPED. I had dreamed about making $100K my entire life. This achievement was huge for me. It felt amazing and it gave me the courage to take bigger risks. I started to constantly evaluate the work I was doing, if I was taking on more than I was hired for, and keeping track of all of my kudos and high-fives, so I had them ready for bi-annual reviews. 

I also 100% think that what helped up my worth and get me to that position, was getting on a plan with my money and paying off my debt once and for all. Being able to shift this energy and make drastic changes, was a major tipping point in my income level. 

Whether you make $30K or $300K currently, when you’re looking for your next big move, make sure you seek a new gig with a pay bump too. Locking in your starting salary/hourly rate for a new job is crucial. Getting a raise can be a big unknown, so shooting HIGH (like uncomfortably high), is to your benefit. 

Truth bomb: If they ask you to interview you’re already qualified for the job, so make sure you get the starting salary you desire. Always counteroffer, by at least 10%, as companies usually have wiggle room. 

Here are my top tricks for getting noticed and getting paid like you deserve. 

1. Sell Yourself, Everywhere

Remember how I said you can’t play small? This is especially true when it comes to selling yourself. In order to get yourself noticed, you have to put yourself out there, everywhere. Do not be afraid. Do not be shy. You’ll only look like you’re bragging or desperate if you beg or boast. 

Dial in your LinkedIn profile, update your resume and post it everywhere on Ziprecruiter, Indeed and Glassdoor. Reach out to recruiting agencies too and send them your information. The more help the better. 

Besides the internet, make sure you go out into the world and network. Look for networking events in the industry you want to be in and simply tell friends, family and past co-workers you are looking for work. It’s all about connections, so make them everywhere you can. 

Remember this: you don’t need them, they need you. You are just as much looking for a company that can meet your needs and expectations and you can theirs. Think of it like dating. You are looking for the right fit. Don’t lower your standards. 

Right now, the employment rate is lower than it’s ever been in history. What does this mean for you? There are more jobs available then there are people looking. You have LOTS of options and opportunities. Be open and be willing to do some work on the front end to find a job you truly love. 

2. Learn New Skills and Educate Yourself

You can learn almost anything on the internet now, for free. Since things are always changing, you want to be in the know and ready to talk shop, once you’re face-to-face in an interview. Sign up for email lists related to your industry. Watch YouTube videos. Listen to podcasts. 

Hit up the local library (it’s free too) and read as many books you can about the industry you’re in or want to be in.

Sign up for local classes or online courses that can help up your game and give you that edge companies are looking for. You need to be able to separate yourself, so showing that you are always evolving your skillset is super important for proving your worth. 

3. Know The Market Rate For Your Role 

Before you start throwing numbers around, do your research on the market rate(s) for the job you’re applying for. Some companies post starting salary or a range, but many don’t, so taking some time to look at sites like and Glassdoor are worth your time.  

Salaries and pay rates range drastically by city and company, so look on a variety of sites to compare. Also, don’t be afraid to ask the recruiter right out the gate what the salary range is for the role. If they happen to ask you first, flip it back on them and ask what their budget is. I’ve flipped this back around many times, only to find out their range was quite higher than what I was going to say. You don’t want to undercut yourself from the get-go. 

4. Apply For Jobs Above Your Skill Set

Most companies post job recs with a ridiculous number of requirements and expectations. Most women won’t apply unless they feel they are fully qualified, while men tend to put themselves out there more and go for it. 

Even if you only have half of the requirements, I’m telling you, apply anyway. Even if the job title seems above what you can do, apply anyway. I recently applied for a job that had a title a step above what I was fully qualified to do. I ended up landing that job, and I’m now in a position I never thought I would be in. I am trusted and encouraged in a role that is pushing me outside of my comfort zone everyday and I am learning like crazy. 

Wouldn’t you rather be pushing yourself daily and being challenged, then stick in the same old, because it’s what you know best? I know I would. And you know what comes with it? Not just a pay raise, a confidence boost.

Also, I can’t emphasize this enough. You MUST take the time to prepare for your interview. Learn as much as you can about who you’re interviewing with in advance and about the company. Have at least 10 questions written down and ready about the company, what the job fully entails and what will be expected of you. 

Remember, you are selling yourself and a company is feeling you out to see if you’re the right fit. I used this tip for my last job, and I totally think it helped me secure the role: I ended the interview by thanking the interviewer for their time and for this opportunity. I reiterated how this role was a perfect fit for me and just what I’d been looking for. I said that if they hired me I would give it everything I had and would not disappoint them. 

5. Do Not Settle

When I left my corporate gig, I vowed to find a remote role where I could work full-time, without the pressure of being chained to a desk. I knew there weren’t as many options, and I knew it was going to be more difficult, but I knew it was possible

You don’t have to settle for an “ok” job and you shouldn’t. And your absolutely do not have to settle for what you’re making now. Besides your regular salary, there are more ways than ever now to make money in a side business. You just have to be willing and motivated to do it. 

Money (unfortunately) doesn’t just come knocking at your door. Relying on Publisher’s Clearing House or the Lottery is not your meal ticket. You aren’t going to be head-hunted and your phone isn’t going to be ringing off the hook with incredible job offers unless you do the work. Put yourself out there.    

It takes time to find the right job. It takes time and thought to search, apply, prepare, interview. It’s time consuming. But don’t NOT go for a better job, or NOT make more money in the long run because it takes some of your time. Keep your head up and your eyes out for your next opportunity and always have YOUR best interest in mind, not someone else’s.  

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