Financial Freedom Starts Here

Hi, I'm Tawnya!

And in 2016, I had little to no hope for my financial future.

I was in my early 30s with $28k in debt, $0 in savings, and under 19k in a retirement account. My boyfriend, who I lived with, was covering rent and most of the bills, while I worked as a freelance writer making $40k-ish a year. Oh, and not to mention I was living in San Francisco, one of the most expensive places to live on the planet.

The thing is, it wasn’t about the money….it was about how the situation made me feel. I felt trapped. I felt helpless. I felt dumb. And I felt anxious about money, all the time, because I hadn’t “figured it out” by now. 

I justified making my $475 a month car payment on my 2010 A4 Turbo Audi, since I didn’t have to pay rent—an asset that was going down in value by the second. 

I was also basically living off credit cards. Swiping my worries away, only to leave me feeling more worried and fearful for my future.

I knew this wasn’t how I wanted to live. 

I knew I was capable of more. I thought if I got a better job and made more money, then I’d be able to save, then I’d be able to contribute to retirement. I felt overwhelmed, but mostly I felt like I should be further along at my age.

The biggest thing for me was having debt. Owing banks money. I felt this dark weight over my soul every time I sent money to pay down a vacation I had already went on, or that outfit I just had to have. Having to pay a large chuck of my income every month to someone other than myself (and lots of it) was something I knew was holding me back from being successful. 

Growing up, like most people, I was never taught how to manage my money. I was released freely into adulthood, with little plan or direction for my finances. And I was never taught the importance of a budget. In the back of my mind I knew it was important, but the act of doing it was lost on me. I often questioned why it mattered if I did a budget since I didn’t have a consistent income. 

In my efforts of “adulting” and figuring out this money stuff, I began listening to every podcast I could on money and reading all the personal finance books. I needed answers and I needed them now. 

I educated and empowered myself on all things money and ended up creating a budgeting a money mindset system along the way that’s now helped 60+ people pay off debt, buy new homes, and live the life they want without feeling restricted! 

I created a budget that worked for ME and committed to sticking to it for the first time in my life. I made sure every dollar was accounted for and started to crush month by month, with my budget tracker. During this time, I started to feel weighed down by my stuff too. I sold and got rid of everything that didn’t bring me “joy”. It all felt so freeing.

Because of my intense focus and ability to increase my income with 2nd jobs, I was able to pay off $28k in less than 8 months! I suddenly felt on top of the world and FREE!!!

And during this crazy personal finance journey, I found my true calling.

The motivation to help other women and men become financially free too. To empower them and shift their money beliefs and to get free from debts that may be holding them back on a FAST timeline, while STILL HAVING A LIFE. 

I’d love to do the same for you too. If you’re struggling financially. If you’re embarrassed, confused, scared or tired of being broke and living paycheck to paycheck, then it’s time to rise up. I’d love to provide you with the right tools to get on track and reach your money goals. Let me be your money coach.



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