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What To Do With Your Stimulus Check | Money Life Coach

Are you making the most of your stimulus check? How are you using it?

I hope you are putting your stimulus check (if you got one) to good use.

Making sure you take care of your four walls first is the most important.

Rent/mortgage, utilities, food should all come first if you are already strapped for cash.

Make minimum payments on debts if you lost your job or hours have been cut, and communicate with all of your current companies on extending your due dates or waiving late fees if you need more time.

If you’re in a good spot—haven’t lost any income, and want to really make your stimulus check work for you, definitely consider joining Budget Master (starts 5/20) for $249:

It’s worth 3x more than what I’m charging and I’m raising the price next month, so now is the best time to get in.

If you’re ready to finally win with money and make your hard-earned dollars work in your favor, this is the course for you.

Students have already been seeing incredible results from becoming debt-free to making what money they do have, work for them for 3+ months, just in case they don’t get work until then.

Budgeting works. You can learn to better understand your beliefs and change them to positively impact the rest of your life.

It’s a lot easier than rocket science and waiting to win the lottery, trust me on that.

Join us here:…you will not regret it.

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