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Are You Leaving Money on The Table?

Friendly Reminder: Check Your Subscriptions & Bank Statements

If you’re on the spring cleaning bandwagon, you should definitely consider spring cleaning your finances while you’re at it.

So many of us leave hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on the table every year by overpaying on things or keeping subscriptions we don’t use anymore.

Taking 30 minutes to download your statements online and go line by line to check everything you’re being charged could save you big time.

A recent client just found about $100 a month she’s overpaying on things she no longer uses.

Sometimes it’s a few bucks here, $20 there, and we don’t tend to notice it.

Even $20 a month is $240 a year and would you just throw $240 away? Or would you want that back in your pocket?

Being more intentional with your spending is a huge part of getting your finances on track and feeling more in control.

It also helps significantly to have a budget.

When you have a budget you are consciously tracking every dollar that’s coming in and going out so you will be more aware of where you can save and cut your spending.

Is there money you’re leaving on the table?

Download my free budget worksheet with formulas and all that jazz to get started if you aren’t sure how to budget.

I hate wasting money and I don’t want you to be wasting thousands of dollars a year either.

Take 30 mins to an hour this week to save possibly hundreds this month.

Tell me what you find and if you can start saving more this month.

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