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Can You Manifest Money? | The Money Life Coach

Can you manifest money? You should try!

I just manifested stimulus checks for y’all…kidding, but looks like that’s coming our way (to the US anyway)… Manifesting is a skill I’ve used many times to bring things into my life that I want.

How does it work?

1️⃣ Intention.

A clear, specific and measurable goal. You need to know what you’re aiming at.

Simply thinking or saying you want more money or you’re broke and you wish you had more money, will not work.

Knowing the exact amount, what you need it for (your why), and when you need it by is crucial.

2️⃣ Remember to be open.

Look for signs that you may usually miss or ignore. Is there someone who needs your help locally and will pay you? Does anyone owe you money you forgot about?

Are there any opportunities you haven’t considered?

Do you have a talent or a business idea someone has been saying you could make money doing? Nothing should be off the table.

3️⃣ Take action.

You can’t lay around and think the money will appear or Publisher’s Clearing house will come knocking at your door…? Everything I’ve ever manifested has come from action.

When I used to work in a restaurant I would always be intentional about giving the best service to hit my goal that night (I would also write it down in my notebook I took orders in)

If I’ve wanted to get considered for a raise or increase my prices, I’ve taken classes and asked questions to learn everything I could to become a stronger asset.

4️⃣ Visualization it!

Seeing that number in your bank account, or check in your hand is key.

Being able to see clearly the end goal and really imagining how you will feel when you get there is a big part of manifesting.

Ok, now you try. Let me know if you’ve ever manifested money or anything else if your life…how did you do it?

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