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Here’s What Is Guaranteed In Life…

The Only Thing That’s Guaranteed is Nothing…so Act Accordingly

Everything is a chance. A risk. A gamble.

There are no guarantees with almost anything in life and it’s especially apparent in times like now.

Everyone’s been freaking out because of the stock market going down, but does that mean you shouldn’t invest? No.

Are there guarantees when you take out loans to go to school that you’re going to get a job? Nope.

Is there a guarantee when you get married that you and your partner are always going to grow together and you aren’t going to get divorced? Negative.

Is there a guarantee that this virus will stop? It doesn’t look like it right now.

But what’s the opposite of not trying, not taking action, not doing what you can to look at the good in something, instead of worrying about the what if’s? Never knowing what could be possible.

I know a lot of people who just lost money because of the drop in the stock market (me included), but over time I know investing is a good call and is better than me sitting around thinking a pile of money is gonna show up when I want to retire.

I know over time I will get a solid return on my money because of compound interest and I’m not investing for a short term gain.

I risked going to college because I believed it would set me up for future success and I wanted to get better educated in something I really wanted to learn about: journalism.

I wasn’t guaranteed a job, but I also didn’t sit around and wait to get handed my dream job. I took action and worked for it.

There are no guarantees, but you do have control over how you look at the situation and your actions.

The opposite of action is stagnation and being stagnant is no way to live this previous, short life.

What are you doing to continue to take action in your life even if there’s no guarantee it’s going to work out?

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