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Your Money Mindset | How Your Money Story Affects You

How is Your Money Story Holding You Back?

Most of us get our beliefs about money subconsciously from an early age.

We likely don’t realize just how much our parents behaviors and how we grew up with money has impacted us as adults.

Until you are able to analyze why you think about money the way you do, you might feel yourself stuck in the same patterns over and over.

I highly recommend writing down your childhood memories and how you grew up with money to uncover your underlying beliefs.

For me, I used to always want to hold on to money, afraid of losing it and unsure if I would ever have enough.

I had a lack mentality and scarcity mindset for a long time, until I discovered why I was thinking that way…I had been programmed to worry from an early age.

Money was always a stressor in the household and my parents often fought about money.

I was anxious from a young age and through my high school years as my home life was a bit rocky and we were moving a lot…

I came home to eviction notices on and warning to cut off the electricity more than once. It was rough. And for a long time I stayed stuck in the mindset that that was going to end up being my life again and I was never going to be great with money.

The things we tell ourselves matter. The words we say out loud matter and definitely the loops we play over and over in our heads.

To create a different money story you must first be willing to sit down and notice what’s working and what’s not.

If you want to have a different, positive and healthy future with money, you must set those intentions and be willing to recognize when your old beliefs are creeping back in, in order to start to change them.

How about you? How have your limiting beliefs about money holding you back?

Let me know.

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