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How Long Should It Take to Pay Off My Debt? | Personal Finance

Want to Pay Off Your Debt in Under 2 Years? Here’s how…

If you really hone in on your budget and get super intentional, you 100% should be able to pay off your consumer debt in under 2 years.

This includes credit cards, student loans, car loans, personal loans, cell phone and hospital bills.

Paying off your house can come later, but getting your consumer debt GONE is key.

I paid off $28k in less than 8 months, and hear stories every single day on the @daveramsey show of people paying off a ton of debt in a semi-short amount of time.

Most people think they’ll have debt forever, but you don’t (and shouldn’t) have to.

A budget is KEY.

If you really want a near future where you feel lighter, empowered, free and watching your net worth go up…getting out of debt is how you do it.

If you think it’s impossible, I ask you to reframe and re-think how you are looking at your situation.

Time to get focused and take control if you want to start getting a different result. Get your free budget worksheet here.

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