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What My 6-Year Old Nephew Lucas Thinks Stuff Costs

Reality Check: Here’s What a 6-Year Old Thinks Stuff Costs

I sat down with my 6-year-old nephew Lucas to ask him some questions about money.

As you can tell, he’s very sure of himself. 😉 He wants to be a teacher when he grows up and thinks they make $20 a day. When I asked him if that was enough to live off of, he say “yes”…annnnd teacher’s basically do make $20 a day, so he’s not wrong. #payteachersmore

I wish I could remember back to what I thought at this age about money. It would be so interesting. Do you remember what you thought a home cost?

Lucas thinks it’s $1000 and I wish he was right!

What are you teaching your kids about money?

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