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Why Is It So Hard To Talk About Money? | The Money Life Coach

Why is money such a taboo? Why is it weird to talk about how much money we make? It doesn’t have to be such a secretive thing. This is one of the reasons I am here and think this work is so important.  Having open conversations and talking about our issues with money is HEALTHY. Not talking about is, ignoring it, and pretending it doesn’t exist is not.

I feel like society is getting better about it and with social media now you will find more and more people talking about it too, but in general with our families and friends, the subject of money can be very triggering.   

We hold so much emotion around money and we don’t even realize it.  

I want to bring it out in the open more. Be transparent.   

Have you ever put off a conversation about money or got uncomfortable talking about how much money you make, or anything related to your finances? Let me know!  

xo, Tawnya

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