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Do You Have an Emergency Fund? Secret: It’s Not a Savings Account

Having an emergency fund gives you a buffer between you and life, because LIFE happens. ?  An emergency fund is generally 3-6 months of expenses put aside in a separate account from your regular bank account (so you won’t be tempted to spend it) ??‍♀️ This fund is NOT a savings account…it’s literally money that’s meant to sit there and do nothing, until a real-life emergency strikes. ?  

Things like a car repair, a job loss, an injury or sudden illness, a last-minute trip to go help someone who is sick, or attend a funeral…things you can’t plan for. Having this fund helps shift your energy around money so much, it’s crazy. 

Because when you don’t have money for an emergency, you know what happens? A little emergency can become a stressful and overwhelming situation. 

You can’t deal with the issue at hand because you’re stressed about how much it’s going to cost or where you’re going to get the money from.  

Do you have an emergency fund? If so, have you ever used it? If not, how would it make you feel to have one?  

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xo, Tawnya

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