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Happiness is An Emotion, Not a Destination…

It’s Normal Not To Be Happy All of The Time. Feel All The Feels. ?  I posted a photo last week with this quote: “Happiness in an emotion, not a destination” and this week more than ever, this feels so important. 

?  We aren’t meant to chase happiness. 

We aren’t supposed to be happy all of the time. ?  

Would you really want to be happy when you lose someone you love? When your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere? When you watch Titanic? No. ?  

It’s not normal to be happy all of the time, and I wanted to talk about this today because in this world there is so much talk about this place called happiness that does not exist. ?  

It’s an emotional state. So enjoy it! Enjoy happiness when it comes. Feel all the joy and positive energy through your bones and embrace it. And do the SAME for sadness. Let yourself cry, lie on the couch, break something…feel through it all, because it’s all ok! You are ok. And you are meant to feel it all. ? 

What do you think of happiness? 

Share with me below!  

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