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All About Student Loans | School Loans and Paying Them Off

Have a lot of student loan debt or thinking of taking one out?

It’s a trillion+ dollar crisis.

I know sooo many friends who are still paying off student loans from 10+ years ago and not even working in a career they got their degree in.

Student loans aren’t “good” debt. It’s debt, and it will keep you held back from getting ahead, paying years of interest that you don’t even realize.

After your smaller debts are paid off, I highly recommend paying off your student loans as fast as possible. Making big payments to get out out of taking up a room in your house.

Say goodbyeeee.

And if you’re thinking about taking out loans here’s what you need to know.

Out of state and private schools cost exponentially more than in state.

The best advice I have is to go to a junior college first then transfer. The amount you will save alone in those two years is worth it.

Work while you’re in school, as much as possible. Studies actually show students have better grades who work. There is still plenty of time with full time courses and studying to work.

If you have to take out loans to get through school, take out as little as possible, and really think of the long term affects of taking out the debt.

Let me know your thoughts on student loan debt, and if you have any advice.

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