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How Will You Live Your Life When You’re a Millionaire?

I know many millionaires, and almost everyone I’ve met, isn’t the typical millionaire you would expect. They generally don’t live above their means or flaunt their wealth. They don’t buy brand new cars or even name brands. They don’t always live in a mansion…

My neighbor is a multi-millionaire, and what they’ve chosen to do with their money is to help others. Sure they go on handful of epic trips a year and enjoy their wealth, but on the day-to-day, they find people in need of help financially and provide that for them.

They take people into their homes, who are going through a rough patch and give them the support they need in times when they aren’t able to.
They’ve also bought books for hundreds of students who couldn’t afford it. Supporting education is something very important to them.

When I’m a millionaire I want to do the same. I want to give back as much as I can and help others in need. 

What will you do when you’re a millionaire? How will you live your life?

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