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Stop Using Credit Cards to Supplement Your Lifestyle. Here’s Why.

For YEARS, (like 15+) I used credit cards to supplement my income. 

In between jobs, when I couldn’t afford groceries or my bills…when I thought I “needed” something, or to go on a trip, you name it, I used my credit cards. 

I told myself it was good because I was building my credit and I got the points, which made up for it, but eventually (and fortunately) I began to realize credit cards were holding me back from financial freedom.  

Plus, did you know you spend MORE when you use a card? Banks are BANKS for a reason. They study us more than we do ourselves and know our behavior so well, that they convince us we need a card to do anything in life.  

You spend 18% more says one study, when you use a debit or credit card.   

Instead, try using cash for groceries, going out to eat, gas, and save cash BEFORE you go on vacation, otherwise you too can and will end up feeling stuck.   

I felt like I was on an endless cycle. I would pay one down, then rack it right back up. Apparently it’s EASY to spend money when it doesn’t feel real.  Watch this video and let me know below what you think about credit cards. And if you’ve even felt held back, from getting ahead, because you use them…  

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