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How to Stay Positive When Money Is Tight. Do These 3 Things…

It’s REALLY easy to feel overwhelmed, scared, get upset or go to a bad place when you’re stressed about money.  I’ve been there, too many times then I want to even remember.  But you don’t have to stay stuck in a negative head space. You can shift your mindset and think positive when money is tight.  

1. Write Down What You’re Grateful For  

This instantly puts things into perspective and gets you grounded in what matters most. Can you look around at what you have and focus on that, instead of getting caught up in a lack mentality?  

2. Find Positive People To Hang Around 

You know what doesn’t help? Hanging around other negative, bummed out people. Watch some inspirational videos, call a friend who lifts you up, or watch a funny movie. Shift your energy to a positive one, by changing your environment.   

3. Find Free Things To Do 

Instead of focusing on all of the things you can’t do and can’t afford right now, look for free activities around your area. There are soooo many things you can do that don’t cost money. Get outside and find a local, free event to help lift your spirits.  


Make a move. Get a part-time gig or second job. Look for stuff at your house you can sell. Take action and do whatever you can you shift your perspective and get you back on track….  

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