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Why I Give 10% of My Money Away & Why You Should Too

I used to hold on to every penny I had for dear life, terrified of losing it with the fear of ending up with nothing. ?  The problem with this mindset is I was subconsciously telling myself “there’s not enough money to go around” and “I need to hold on to this, because what if I can’t make more?!”

I was actually LIMITING my ability to make money and pushing it away. ?  

So I started giving 10% of my income away to my church every month, plus a set percentage to other organizations throughout the year.  It was hard. It’s still hard.  This old pattern still creeps in every month when I transfer my hard earned bucks somewhere else.  

But it’s also allowed me to embrace what comes to me, know I do have control of where my money goes, and trust that there is an endless amount available for all…Wow!  

The best part? I now have more work and make more money than I ever have.  

I can graciously turn down jobs, instead of begging for them and hounding people like I used to. Um, what?! 

So I want to know, do you give money away freely?   

Are you intentional about giving and do you trust that you will always have enough?  Share below and send to a friend who needs this too. ??   

xo, Tawnya

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