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Want to Get Out of Debt? Here’s How I Paid Off $28K In 8 Months

Hard work (aka multiple jobs). Not having a life. Determination. ?? 

I had to live in temporary discomfort -not impulse shop and get out of an “I deserve it” mindset…and completely change the way I thought about money if I ever wanted to not be in debt.  

I had to get mad to pay it off so aggressively. Taking years to chip away at it was out of the equation.  

I was tired of being broke and I was DONE.  

I had to do things differently if I wanted a different result… And so that’s what I did.  

It’s now been almost 2 1/2 years since I’ve been debt free. I own everything I have: my car, my boat, my cell phone (say what!)…And that feels good!  

I no longer use credit cards as a crutch to fund the lifestyle I think I deserve. I intentionally live below my means.  

I am in control of where my money is going, I have a solid emergency fund and a good grasp on my future.  

I feel so light and free and this is why I’m so empowered to help others feel the same. I know what it feels like on the other side- ignoring your finances, feeling broke, stressed, sleepless nights, not wanting to look at your bank account.  

I’ve been there and I’m telling you there is another way to live…you just have to want it bad enough.  

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