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This Is How Much Money You Need to Retire ?

There’s an awesome tool I recommend if you don’t know how much you need to save a month.

It’s the R:IQ tool and you can find it on Chris Hogan’s website. You put in how much money you already have saved in retirement, determine your retirement “style” (travel, R&R, Family, etc.) and your ideal retirement date.

Then it populates a number you need to save monthly to get there. You can mess around with the dates to see if you wanted to retire in less time, how much you would need.

If you aren’t already planning for retirement, you need to get on it. Don’t let another year go by without contributing. You will have to make up infinitely more later if you don’t start today.

Knowing my number and ideal goal gives me something to reach for.

It takes 20 seconds and it really is important you know this.

Look up your numbers and let me know how much you need to save a month and what age you plan to retire.

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