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Want To Start A Business For Free? You Don’t Need To Go Into Debt

We live in literally the best time ever.

We have sooo many platforms to market ourselves and put our products out into the world for little to no money.

When I started my business last year, I decided I would never borrow money to make my dream possible. Why? Well, for one because I’m The Money Life Coach and wanted to practice what I preach.

For two, borrowing money for my business would create more stress and pressure to get results quickly.

It could also greatly hinder my creativity and long term business goals…which I’m not willing to compromise.

So, I’ve committed to doing this entrepreneurial thing SLOWLY. Call me a turtle or a snail. ? I’m ok with it. I don’t care how long it takes me…

There are so many ways I can use free resources (hello YouTube and smart friends) and put money toward my business gradually in a way that I can maintain my integrity.

And for me it’s all about integrity and intention.

I’ve seen a lot of other people online build their businesses online for a very small amount of overhead.

So I’m committed too. It’s just time I’m giving up right now.

Late nights and weekends. And I’m ok with that too because I’m learning SO much and I’m trying. Everyday.
And you can too.

If you want to start an online business—a consulting company, be a travel or food blogger, copywriter, designer, or start a coaching business of any kind…DO IT. There is nothing stopping you but yourself.

The tools are literally in your hand on this magical device. You already have the keys to the kingdom. ?

All you have to do is to be willing to learn and listen and try and try again. Brick by brick, as I like to say. Build it brick by brick.

If you need help getting your current finances on track so you can start a business, comment below!

And if you’re in business already, let me know, did you borrow money (use credit cards or personal loans) to start it? What advice do you have for others starting a business?

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