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FREE WORKSHOP: 2021 Intention Setting – Planning Your Year With Money

Let’s come together to work on intention setting for 2021, and planning your year with money. Whether you want to pay down debt, start saving, investing, or anything in between, I’ll guide you through various exercises so you can get clear on your goals and where you want to be this year and beyond financially.

When: Saturday, January 16 at 10am PT/1pm ET

Price: FREE!

Where: Via Zoom


Tawnya Schultz is the founder of The Money Life Coach, an online platform helping women learn how to budget, pay off debt, invest and leave a legacy.

After being in debt most of her life, Tawnya decided to turn her life around at the age of 34 and aggressively pay off $28k of debt in a year. At the time, Tawnya was only making about $60k annually and although it seemed impossible at first, she worked extra jobs and ended up landing a full-time role for a tech company in San Francisco, enabling her to pay off all of her debt in 8 months.

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